Easy Catalogue Building for InDesign, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word!

CatBase is the solution to your catalog production nightmares.

It's easy to create and publish your catalog using CatBase and a publishing application such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, or Microsoft Word.

Your data can originate in:

  • A spreadsheet

  • A CatBase-managed database

  • Another database (eg MySql, Sql Server, Access, etc.)

  • An XML file

  • A csv file

  • A tab-delimited text file

 ... or even a combination of different sources.

Some examples of catalogs, price lists, and directories created with CatBase:

yachting pages
yachting pages

woolley & wallis
woolley & wallis


yachting pages
yachting pages


You can see more examples on this page.

CatBase offers many options and features that you won't find in other data publishing software.



  • Includes a complete relational database. You can use CatBase to manage all your data, or simply import it from another source when it's time to publish.

  • You can define as many tables and fields, and the relationships between them, as you need for your project.

  • Organise your data into Categories, with any number of sub-categories to any number of levels (read more about Categories).

  • Create personalised letters and emails.


QRcode example.png
  • Produce labels (eg mailing labels, product labels, price tags, etc.) Learn more about Labels.

  • Create dynamically-sized text boxes on the fly, and fill then with any content:

boxed examples.png
  • Supports all languages. CatBase is Unicode-compliant, so you can publish using any character set.

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