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Contract Publishing Services

Let us produce your Catalogue, Directory, Price List, etc!

Have you got some data that you want somebody to turn into a beautiful publication for you?

Why not let us do it for you?

We can:

  • Design your publication, or use a design you provide

  • Using our unique Data Publishing software, we'll quickly publish the data you provide in exactly the format you require.

  • Give you a ready-to-print PDF and, if you wish, the source document (Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word document).

Designing Your Publication

Our professional designers can design your catalog, price list, directory - or whatever type of publication you need - either using your ideas or we can come up with some suggested designs. We'll work with you to create a final design that you're happy with.

Your Data

You can provide your data in just about any format - eg:

  • Excel spreadsheet

  • csv file

  • tab-delimited file

  • XML

We'll import it into a CatBase database so that it can be published in the format and style you desire.

Data Cleansing

Does your data need tidying up? Maybe the phone numbers or the postal codes are not formatted consistently. Or the addresses need to split up into sections so that the data can be sorted a certain way. Whatever you need, we can write scripts to accomplish it.

Your Publication

Your publication can contain:

  • Styled text (for example, product names in one style; descriptions in another style; and so on.)

  • Pictures: Any number of pictures linked to each item.

  • Tables: For example, a list of parts available for each product.

  • Live URL links: Static links or dynamically created links, such as a link to each product's web page.

  • Live Email links: Great for personnel or membership directories!

  • Bar codes: These can be created in any standard barcode style.

  • QR codes: Like live URLS, QR Codes can be dynamically created.

  • Table of Contents

  • Indexes: From simple product indexes to complex cross-reference indexes - we can do it!

  • Static pages: eg "About our company", "How to Order", etc.). You provide the copy and images.

  • Rules: Data can be automatically styled, included, or omitted according to rules that you specify. For example: "If it's a chocolate product, set the product name in purple" or "If they have paid for an enhanced entry, include their logo and set the text in bold".

  • Calculations: Easily produce a special discount catalogue with all prices reduced by 10%, for example.

  • Dynamic Pricing Updates: Once your catalogue or price list has been published, the prices can be quickly updated at any time without the need to recreate the entire publication.

Fast Turnaround

Once your publishing project has been set up, the publication(s) can be created very quickly. As an example, we recently completed a series of medical provider directories. There were four directories of 900 - 1,200 pages each, and they were all produced in less than a day, including Table of Contents and indexes.


See examples of some publications that have been created using our software.

Talk to us!

Let's have a chat about your project to see how we can help you.

Contact us by phone or email.

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