Download Current Versions of CatBase

and Documentation


CatBase Single-User Full Installer

Includes documentation, example database, and example files.

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CatBase Single-User Updater

Just the CatBase application - no additional files or documentation.


Choose the appropriate CatBase Server version for your server (Mac or Windows).

You can use any mixture of Mac and Windows Clients, regardless of whether the Server is running on Mac or Windows.

CatBase Multi-User Installer

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Download the appropriate version for your server.

CatBase Client Installer

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The Client can be installed on any combination of Mac and Windows Client machines, regardless of the Server platform.

CatBase Server Updater (Patch File)

The Server Updater is a relatively small installer which can be used to update an existing CatBase Server installation.

You must have at least Version 7.3r10 installed already!

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Free Scripts

The First Letter script copies the first letter of the Key Field in any data table into a field named First Letter. This is useful for creating things like directories with single-letter subheadings. For detailed info on how to install and use this script, see the Single-Letter Headings blog post.

The Apply Object Styles script looks for paragraphs that are set in a certain paragraph style and that contain anchored text or picture boxes, and applies an object style to those boxes.

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