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Publishing Data with CatBase: an Overview

Data publishing simplified!

CatBase makes it easy to publish your data in many different ways, using various publishing destinations.

Just a few steps to publishing your data ...

  1. Get your data into CatBase's database. You can enter it manually or import your data.

  2. Create a Publishing Project.

    • Create a Set to tell CatBase which records you want to publish.

    • Set up a Publishing Style Sheet to tell CatBase what you want to publish and how you want it formatted.

  3. Publish your data by clicking the Publish Now button in your Publishing Project.

  4. Place the published file into your chosen publishing destination.

  5. All the data is automatically styled as you specified; pictures can be placed as well!

CatBase Works with all the Major Publishing Solutions

See some examples of how this all works ...

Take a look at some demonstration and training videos on our CatBase Academy videos page

See examples of publications that were produced with CatBase

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