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Publishing your Data

CatBase is the most flexible data publishing solution available!

Lots of Publishing Destinations

With CatBase, you can publish your data in many different ways:

  • With Adobe InDesign

  • With QuarkXPress

  • With Microsoft Word

  • As an XML file

  • As an Excel spreadsheet

  • As a csv or delimited text file

  • To another ODBC-compliant database such as MS SqlServer

  • To a MySql database

Loads of publishing options

  • Create any number of Publishing Projects to publish your data in endless ways.

  • Include any number of images in your publications

  • Create Rules to tell CatBase:

    • What data to include or leave out, depending on criteria you specify

    • How to style the data according to your criteria (e.g.: If it's a new product, set the Product Name in a different style)

    • How to manipulate the data (e.g.: mark up or discount all prices by 10% for a discount catalog)

  • Create and publish all kinds of custom bar codes, including QR codes (e.g.: create a QR code that links to a product's info page on your website).

  • Create custom hyperlinks.

  • Create Cross-References within a publication (InDesign only)

  • Include data from related tables (e.g.: for each Product, include a list of all its Parts) and set them in beautifully designed tables.

  • Send emails to contacts in your database.

  • Send letters to contacts in your database.

  • Print labels.

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