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Catalogue Management Software

CatBase is the most flexible catalog management software available. 

Overview of the main features:

  • Available for Windows and Macintosh.

  • Single-user and multi-user (network) versions.

  • Use CatBase to manage your catalog data, or import the data from another source such as a spreadsheet, MySql, SqlServer database, csv, XML or almost any other data source.

  • Define the tables, fields, and relationships you need.

  • Define your data entry forms and list views.

  • Quickly and easily publish your data as a catalog, price list, product sheets ... Create any number of publishing styles. See some example publications on the Examples page.

    • Include any number of images for each product​

    • Create lists of variants as beautifully formatted tables

    • Create rules to determine what data to include, how to style certain data, and many other options.

    • Maintain Sets of data to review or publish - e.g. New products; all Chocolate products; products within a certain price range; products with a low stock level, etc.

    • Create bar codes and QR codes and include them in your publications

    • Publish with Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word.

    • Select any field for indexing (e.g. Product Code, SKU, etc.

    • Create hyperlinks.

    • Create cross-references (InDesign only)

  • Produce reports and labels.

  • Create automatically schedule events with the Event Scheduler - e.g.: import a pricing update file every night; publish an updated price list every Friday.

  • Maintain an Audit Trail of all modifications made to the database.

  • The built-in Backup feature ensures that you always have an up-to-date backup of your database.

  • Use updated data to update an existing publication (with InDesign or QuarkXPress) - e.g. price updates.

  • Export data in various formats - Excel spreadsheet, XML, csv files, tab-delimited files,  and directly to another database such as MySql or SqlServer.

  • Send customised emails to contacts in your database.

  • Send customised Letters to contacts in your database.

  • A free, fully functional trial version is available.

Any Questions?

Contact us - we'll respond lickety-split!

See examples of publications that have been created with CatBase.

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