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CatBase Version 10

New Features

Publish Directly to PDF and/or Word

Now you don't need to use a complicated page layout program to publish your documents! Choose the PDF Publishing Destination, and your publication will be saved in any or all of these formats:

  • A PDF document

  • A Microsoft Word document

  • A CatBase word processing document

(We will refer to this format as PDF for simplicity).

A PDF document can be a complete publication with:

  • A cover page

  • Introductory pages: as many as you like, where you can place text and pictures - for example, an "About our Company" section, or introductions to your staff or products.

  • One or more dynamic data sections: these are your data, formatted in the way you choose.

  • End Matter: Like Introductory Pages - any text and images you specify.

Here's a short video that gives an overview of the mew PDF feature:

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