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The Button Bar

At the top of all CatBase data table list views there is a row of buttons that can be used for

querying, reporting, sorting, and various other useful functions:

the button bar
Query button

Search the selected table.

Search & replace button

Make global changes to a field in your database.

Quick report button
labels button
show all records button
show selected records button
omit selected records button
duplicated selected records button
sort data button
run a script button
publish data button
add a new record button
delete data button
Quick Report

Create columnar reports to print or export to a tab-delimited text file.


Print labels customised with data from the selected table.

Show All

Find all the records in the selected table and display them.

Show Select

Only display the records that have been selected (highlighted).

Omit Select

Omit the selected record(s) from the list.

Dup Select

Duplicate the selected record(s). You can make up to 99 duplicates of each record.


Sort the selected records. You can sort on multiple fields, even if they are not displayed in columns on the list. Sorts can be saved and re-used. To use a saved Sort, right-click on the list and choose from the Sort option on the popup menu.

Run a Script

We can create scripts to accomplish just about any special task you require. Click this button to run one. Contact us if you would like to discuss your scripting requirements.


Publish the selected or displayed records using a Publishing Stylesheet you have set up.

New Record

Create a new record for the selected table.


Delete the selected record(s), or mark them for deletion, depending on the preference you've set in Admin->Preferences->Data Entry.

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