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The Sort Button and the Sort Editor

You can sort your data on one field or multiple fields. Sorts can be saved as Sort formats so that they can be used again, especially in your Publishing Stylesheets.

The Sort Button

You'll find the Sort Button in the button bar at the top of all data list views, and in some other views as well:

Click this button to invoke the Sort Editor.

The Sort Editor

The Sort Editor is where you set up Sort Formats:

Sort Editor

Drag a field from the list on the left and drop it into the area on the right to add it to the Sort Order.
Add more fields as necessary. For example, to sort first by Product Name, and then by Price:

Sort editor with selection

Note that it says "Asc." next to the sort field names. This means that the field will be sorted in ascending order (i.e., alphabetically for string fields and numerically for numeric fields). To sort in a descending order, click on the word Asc. to toggle to Desc.
To save the Sort Format, click the Save button and enter a name for it.
Click the OK button to sort the records now.
Click the Load/Delete button to load an existing Sort Format so that it can be modified, or to delete one.

How Sort Formats are used

In Publishing Stylesheets

If you don't select a Sort Format for a Publishing Stylesheet, each time you publish your data using that stylesheet CatBase will ask you how you want to sort the data.

To choose a Sort format for a Publishing Stylesheet:

  1. Go to the Preferences tab.

  2. Select a Sort format from the Sort Order popup menu, or

  3. Click the New Sort Format button to create a new Sort Format.

In a data list view
  • Right-click (or Alt-click) on a list of records in the data list view.

  • From the popup menu, choose Sort

  • Select the Sort Format you want to use, or choose Sort Editor to open the Sort Editor.

More Info

Learn more about Publishing Stylesheets

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