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Scripts and Modules

We can create custom scripts and modules to perform just about any kind of function.



Scripts for CatBase

Scripts are very useful little mini-programs that can perform all kinds of special tasks. Scripts can be set to run before or after certain actions (such as importing or publishing data), or at any time by clicking the Run a Script button at the top of a window. they have very limited interface options.

See the CatBase Scripts page for more info.

Scripts for Adobe InDesign

We can also create scripts for InDesign. These can perform many different document manipulation tasks, such as creating cross-references, manipulating tables, etc. We have created some scripts for you to use, and we can create custom scripts to suit your needs. 

See the InDesign Scripts page for more info!


When you need something more complex, a custom Module may be the answer. Modules can have their own interface and can perform complex tasks.

See the CatBase Custom Modules page for more info.

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