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Custom Modules

Modules are mini-apps that can be added to CatBase. They can perform just about any kind of task, from quite simple to very sophisticated. they have their own interface and open in their own window.

For example:

  • Create complex reports

  • Manage complex product pricing models

  • Manage complex publishing requirements

Creating a Custom Module

use the contact form below to contact us with information about your requirements - ideally, a detailed written specification. We will look at the specification and then provide you with a quote for creating the module.

Installing a Module

Once we've created your module, simply drop it into the Components folder within your CatBase application, then restart CatBase. A new menu labelled Modules will appear on your menu bar, with all your modules listed beneath.

Using a Module

Select the module from the Modules menu and use it as instructed (we provide written notes and, if necessary, training videos with each module).


See the Analox Case Study - there are two examples on the page.

Enquiry Form

Success! Message received.

You can upload a file containing information about your Module requirements - a specification, examples, sample data, etc.


Any uploaded file that is not zipped will immediately be deleted without being opened.

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