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Scripts for Adobe InDesign

We can create custom scripts to perform certain functions in InDesign: please contact us with a description of your requirements and we will respond promptly.

Meanwhile, here are some freebies!

Unanchor Item

Anchored (inline) text and picture boxes are stuck to their surrounding text and cannot be manually repositioned. If you want to reposition one manually, it will need to be unanchored. This script makes it quick and easy to unanchor the frame. To use it:

  1. Make sure that the object selection tool is selected (that's the black arrow at the top of the toolbar).

  2. Click on the box you want to unanchor.

  3. Run the unanchor item script


How to install InDesign Scripts

One of the many tool panels offered by InDesign is the Scripts panel. If you don't see it, open if by going to the Window menu and selecting Utilities->Scripts. The scripts are organised into 3 folders:


indesign scripts panel.png

Normally you'll add scripts into either the Community of the User folder.

To find out the location of a Scripts folder, right-click (or CMD-click) on the folder and choose Reveal in Finder (Mac) or Reveal in Explorer (Windows).

Then simply copy the script into that folder. It will immediately be available to use in InDesign - you don't need to restart the app.

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