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Not sure if CatBase is suitable for your project? Why not book a free consultation? We'll show you, via a screen-sharing session, how CatBase works and how it could help with your specific project. You'll be able to ask any questions and get informed answers from one of our CatBase experts.

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What is CatBase?


CatBase is a data publishing application that speeds up and simplifies the process of creating publications such as catalogues, directories, and price lists, using data from a database, spreadsheet, text file (such as csv) - or entered manually..
It works with page layout programs such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress or, for simpler page designs, you can use a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

CatBase is the most feature-rich and flexible catalog management software available!

Sotheby's Auction Catalogue

Sotheby's Auction Catalogue
How does CatBase work?


First of all, CatBase is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). You can set up your database structure however you need it: it may be as simple as one table of product information, or a more complex setup with various data linked through relations (such as products and parts). You can use it for all the usual database management functions, but we've added a unique feature to make it easy for you to publish your data.

You set up one or more Publishing Projects in your CatBase database. These tell CatBase what data you want to publish, how you want it organised, sorted, and styled, and whether you want to include elements such as pictures, bar codes, and hyperlinks. Click here to see a short video that describes Publishing Projects.

When you're ready to produce your catalog, directory, price list, or whatever type of publication you need, you simply run a Publishing Project. This creates a tagged text file which is then opened up in your chosen publishing destination (InDesign, QuarkXPress, Word, etc.), where everything is automatically formatted exactly as you want it: the test is styled, pictures are placed, rules are evaluated.

In addition to producing publications, you can use your data to update a MySql or SqlServer database - for example on your website (Data Chameleon Edition).

You can enter data manually into CatBase, or you can import it from another source such as an Excel spreadsheet, tab-delimited text file, csv file, XML file, or (Data Chameleon Edition) an ODBC data source such as a MySql or Sql Server database. 




Why not let us show you? We'll arrange a customised, personal  demo to show you how CatBase works and how it can save you time and money with your project.

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