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Connecting to the CatBase Server for the First Time

In a multi-user setup, there are two apps:

  1. The CatBase Server is the "engine" that manages your database. It resides on your server. The server machine can be either a Mac or Windows computer (see the Downloads page for system requirements).

  2. The CatBase Client is installed on each user's computer, and this is what they use to access the database over the network. Regardless of which OS the CatBase Server is running on, the Clients can be any combination of Windows and Macs.

When a user wants to connect to the CatBase Server for the first time - or maybe after some changes have been made to the network or the installation - you may need to select the appropriate server.

  1. Make sure the CatBase Server is running, and that it is accessible to the users' computers.

  2. Launch the CatBase Client app on the user's machine. One of two things will happen:

    1. It will connect automatically. In this case, you should see the User Login dialog:

CatBase Log In dialog

Choose your user name and enter your password, then you're good to go.

b. You see the Server Connection dialog:

If you see the correct server listed, select it and then click the OK button.

If your CatBase server is not listed, or if the list is empty as in the example shown here, go to the Available tab:

If you see your CatBase Server listed here (as in this example) select it and then click the OK button.

If you do not see your CatBase server listed, go to the Custom tab:

Enter something suitable into the Project Name field (eg: CatBase Server).

Enter the server's IP address into the Network Address field.

Click the OK button.

If you still cannot connect to the CatBase server, please check your server and network connections.

Need further help? Contact us!

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