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We've put together a selection of tips and tutorials to help you produce your InDesign publications quickly and accurately.

  • Book Projects: If your publication contains a number of sections, or chapters, or is quite large (more than,m say, 150 pages), it's a good idea to organise all the sections into a Book. We explain why, and show you how to set your Book up.

  • Building Indexes: It's easy to create indexes once you've tagged the items you want indexed. With CatBase the index tagging can be done automatically! We also show you how to create complex indexes.

  • Updating your InDesign documents with modified data: How can you update details such as product prices AFTER you've published the data? This Tutorial shows you how it can easily be done by utilising the InCatalog plugin.

  • Creating hyperlinks in your InDesign documents

  • Creating Cross-References in your InDesign documents.

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