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Publishing Data to your Website

Do you need to upload your CatBase data to your web site? There are two ways to do this:

  • Connect directly to a remote database, such as a MySql or SqlServer database, if you're using CatBase Data Chameleon Edition.

  • Export the data to a text file and import that into your web database. You can export data as:

    • csv

    • tab-delimited

    • XML

    • Excel


 You could also set up an Event using the Event Scheduler to automatically export or upload the data according to a schedule you define (eg every night, once a week, etc.)

Updating a MySql/SqlServer database directly from CatBase

(Requires the Data Chameleon Edition).

There are just a couple of steps required to set CatBase up to publish data directly to your Sql database:

  1. Set up a Database Connection

  2. Set up a Publishing Stylesheet

Export the data from CatBase to a text file, and upload that file to your web database

This method requires a little extra work, but it will do the job!

The steps you need to take are:

  1. Set up a Publishing Stylesheet to export the required data from catBase to your chosen text file format. This can be a delimited text file, XML, or Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Publish the data using the Publishing Stylesheet you set up in Step 1.

  3. Upload the resulting file to your web server.

  4. Import the file into your web database.

Specifying which records to upload to the website

If you want to upload all the data to the website, you can ignore this :)

But maybe you only want to update certain records - just ones that have been added or modified within the past week, for example. In this case:

  1. Create a Set to specify which records to publish. See the Joy of Sets tutorial for more info about Sets.

  2. Select that set for the Publishing Stylesheet or the Publishing Project.

    1. Publishing Stylesheet: Go to the Preferences tab and select the checkbox: Only publish records that are in the set:​, then choose the appropriate set.

    2. Publishing Project: Open the appropriate Publishing Step and choose the option Only publish records that are in the set: and select your Set.

Automating the job

You can automate the entire process:

  1. Set up a Publishing Project.

  2. Set up a Scheduled Event with the Event Scheduler.

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