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CatBase Version 8 and later includes a fantastic new feature:

Create a fully-formed catalog, directory, price list or whatever as a ready-to-use PDF and/or MS Word document!

Note: This is a new feature which is still under development. It is available as a "beta" version in CatBase Version 10.


  • Add any number of Sections to your document. Types of Section:

    • Front Cover Page​

    • Introductory Pages

    • Body section

    • End Matter

    • Back Cover

  • Publish directly to PDF​

  • Publish to a Word document

  • Save the publication as an editable document within the CatBase database

  • Include Images

  • Create barcodes and QR codes and include them in the document

  • Create hyperlinks

Watch this video to see how easy it is to turn your data into a finished PDF:


Document Sections

Front Cover Page

Each document can have one Front Cover Page.  This page contains a static image.

This will always be the first Section in the document.

Intro Pages

Any number of static introductory pages. For example, these pages might contain information about your company, details on how to order, and so on.

Intro pages can be placed anywhere between the Front Cover Page and the first Body Section. Intro pages can contain:

  • Static text.

  • Static Images

  • Background Images

Body Section

Each document must contain at least one Body section. This will be the "meat" of your publication: the content taken from your CatBase database. You can have multiple Body sections. Each Body Section can contain:

  • a Header

  • a Footer

  • Static text

  • Static images

  • Dynamic content (this is the only REQUIRED element). The dynamic content is built using a Publishing Stylesheet.

  • A background image


The Index can be automatically created when the publication is built. This section can contain:

  • Static images

  • Static text

  • A background image

  • The index contents - created dynamically. This is the only required element in the Index Section.

End Matter

Each document can have any number of End Matter pages. These are static pages that can contain:

  • Text

  • Images

These pages can be placed either before or after the Index. Use them for things like Terms & Conditions, Order Forms, and that sort of thing.

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