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Customising Your View

There are two main ways to view your data in CatBase:

  • The List View

  • The Record View

The List View

When first open CatBase, or you select any of your data tables, you'll see a list of records - something like this:

data list view

The list may contain all the records in the selected table, or some of them.

When a data table is selected for the first time, it will show all the records in the table, sorted by the Key Field. In the example shown above, the selected data table is Products and the Key Field is Product Name.

Window Title

The window title tells you some vital information about the current data view:

window title bar
  • Name of the database.

  • The currently selected Project (if you have more than one Database Project in your database).

  • The name of the table or other item being viewed.

  • The number of records being displayed and the total number of records in the table (where appropriate).


Click the Help button to access various help options:

Help search dialog

CatBase local data

Searches the built-in help topics and displays a list of the results:

Help topics search results
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