Creating Classified Advertisements

  4D cross platform software application development

It's easy to produce a classified ad section for a newspaper or magazine using CatBase. You can enter the data directly into the CatBase database, or you can import the ads from another source such as a MySql or SqlServer database, spreadsheet, csv or delimited text file. You can create semi-display ads; include pictures; have differnet types of advertisements formatted in different ways (for example, some ads might be in a plain linage style, whereas others might be in a upgraded, bold style, etc.).

Watch the movie to see how it works!

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 This movie gives an overview of the process of setting up and publishing your classified ads. You have endless options as far as the setting up of your database and the formatting of the ads are concerned! Contact us if you're not sure how it could work for you.

You can download the example database that was used for this movie, along with templates for QuarkXPress and InDesign to see how it works and try it for yourself.

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