American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) (Brussels, Belgium)

"It turned out to be reliable, fast and easy-to-use. Just what we needed!" - Carine Pauly, Information Systems Co-Ordinator


​"CatBase has proved to be a very powerful system.  It can manipulate multiple sets of data quickly and easily, and change elements like discounts, exchange rates and across-the-board price increases at the press of a button.  This has resulted in us producing accurate, well-presented price lists, which in the long-term will save us a significant amount of time and effort."  See the case study

Antiques Trade Gazette (London, UK)

"We've been using the program for a few years now and have been delighted with the results. Our department produces up to a dozen catalogues a week, which have to be back with our customers very quickly due to the nature of our industry. The program allows us to save a great deal of valuable time by automatically importing images, style sheets and formatting. This allows us to be more competitive in the marketplace and therefore more successful in our business." - Michele Helliwell, Catalogue Manager

Auto Retail Network (Oakham, UK)

"Using Catbase has totally transformed production of our annual Who's Where in Auto Retail report, speeding up the process, giving us a more accurate final product and saving us bucket loads of time. It turned a month-long production nightmare into a two-day data cleansing exercise - saving us time, money and hassle. Absolutely invaluable." - Rupert Saunders, Managing Director, Auto Retail Network

British Psychoanalytic Council (London, UK)

​"We found CatBase - both the program and the company - to be highly flexible and well suited to our needs. We produce a very complex membership directory, which for legal and customer protection reasons has to be 100% accurate. Now that the initial setup is in place, we have a database which will see us into the future. Real value for money, and Pat is a doll." - Janice Cormie, Head of Services, British Psychoanalytic Council

Coralita (Cornwall, UK)

​"I have produced a number of publications using CatBase far more efficiently, accurately and cheaply than would have been the case without it.." - Peter Hopkinson, Director

Criss Cross Directories, Inc. (Oklahoma, USA)

​"We were looking for an affordable yet powerful solution to help us publish our specialized directories. CatBase has met our unique and extensive requirements. Out of the box functionality is great, but when you add to that professional customization and world-class support, the result is a simply unbeatable combination of functionality and ease of use. The service after the sale is also beyond compare -- it's like having your own subject matter expert on staff. It has truly been a pleasure working with CatBase."- Terry Utley, President, Criss Cross Directories, Inc.

Europa Components (Luton, UK)

"Catbase is a fantastic program that is easy to use from the first. There are plenty of great features that make life easier and it is compatible with leading industry packages such as Quark & In Design. We use Catbase to produce both our Catalogue and website because it offers such flexibility. We are able to update our website with great ease at any time, adding new products, pictures, technical data and news items and we can now produce our 108 page Catalogue in next to no time - all thanks to Catbase. The service and support at Catbase is the best I have ever experienced with an enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable team always on hand when you need them. I thoroughly recommend Catbase to help with your publishing requirements." - Marc de la Bauve, Marketing Manager , Europa Components

Get Hooked (Cornwall, UK)

​"An excellent time and labour saving piece of software. Enables you to publish your information with a high level of automated formatting, without rebuilding your own database. Or build from scratch in Catbase. Makes database publishing almost enjoyable! Truly, at times like this, Catbase is a thing of beauty!" - Graham Sleeman - Type High Design

hcl Technologies (Chennai, India)

​"CatBase is a best application for data publishing. User friendly, easy to access, overall it's a superb tool." - Bebin  Pankiraj, Project Manager/Designer (new york)

"It's hard to believe how great this program really is. I highly recommend it for anyone that has struggled with the layout of directories or catalogs." - Sheldon Marx

HRD Press (Amherst, USA)

​"I am quite impressed with your capacity to respond with clarity and thoroughness to a myriad of inquires, etc." - Sam McLeod, HRD Press

Imagehaus (Hertfordshire, UK)

"We produced over 1,100 customised documents - from spreadsheet to PDF - in under 24 hours. I can't even contemplate how long it would have taken to produce them manually. Imagehaus researched quite a few other products before we chose CatBase and no other product came near to ticking all of the boxes as far as this project was concerned." - Mark Varty, ImagehausSEE THE CASE STUDY

imoderni (Miami, USA)

​"I really don't know how we could have accomplished this project without CatBase. We are able to combine price lists from various manufacturers into one database and then publish the data in any way we choose really quickly. CatBase works with Xtags and InDesign to produce complex, beautifully formatted and illustrated price lists in a matter of minutes." - Neil Somerfield, Owner, imoderni llc

OyezStraker Office Supplies Catalogues (UK)

"With CatBase we were able to produce a complex 150-page catalogue in about a week - a project that would have taken 3-4 weeks doing it manually. " (See the Case Study) - Gary Reid, Nude Design

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

​"Great product, would definitely recommend for anybody creating a directory that doesn't want to build their own application." - Jim Bryce, Systems Analyst, Pacific Daily News

Rattan Island (Myanmar)

"Just saves hours of time putting together a simple catalogue ... Customer service was excellent." - Steven Simpson, Rattan Island

Wholesale Marketing Alliance (Colorado, USA)

"CatBase takes the labor out of creating huge, customer specific catalogs with photos. Our page layouts still require a fair amount of manual manipulation, but the sku inclusion and product classification/order are flawless." "While we only scratch the surface of using all of CatBase's capabilities, my recommendation is very high. One must consider CatBase's superb functionality when shopping for a database publishing tool. The Customer Service is excellent! You don't need to write and test code for months; style sheets get the job done." - Julie Hagemann, Project Manager, WMA

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