Do you need Xtags to use with CatBase?

Xtags is a plugin for QuarkXpress or InDesign. It extends the built-in text tagging system for those applications by adding tags for creating and filling text and picture boxes, and much more.

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Xtags is perfect for picture-based data publishing such as classified ads, catalogs, directories, price lists, school yearbooks, or any type of publication that contains images. It can also be used to create and fill text boxes "on the fly".

Adobe InDesign users

Document-building control

See the Xtags page on Em Software's website for detailed information about the plugin.

If you simply want to publish some images with your data, then you may not need Xtags - you may be able to use our ImportPictures script for InDesign instead (this costs a lot less than Xtags!). Note that if you want to place pictures within table cells, you will need the ImportPictures script anyway.

With Xtags, you can create unanchored or anchored picture and text frames, size picture contents to containing frames, size frames to content (text or picture) in various flexible ways, apply master pages, and more.

More info about Xtags

Adobe InDesign and quarkxpress users


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Xtags has been in production use at thousands of sites, world-wide, since 1992. It's been steadily improving all these years, based on user feedback.

If you are using QuarkXPress to produce your publication, and you want to automatically place any images or create and fill text boxes, you need Xtags.

If you want to create and fill text boxes when you publish your data, you WILL need Xtags.


QuarkXPress users