With CatBase doing the grunt work, you can be sure that no human error creeps in when your publication is being prepared: everything will be formatted consistently, and the correct pictures will be placed with each item.

InDesign offers lots of great publishing features and CatBase fits in perfectly with your InDesign workflow. Automatically create and fill text and picture boxes (Xtags plugin required); create index entries; automatically create hyperlinks; create all kinds of tables; apply Object Styles to text and picture boxes. You simply select your data formatting options in CatBase's easy-to-use dialogs and CatBase and InDesign do all the tedious, time-consuming, error-prone formatting work for you.

Windows and Macintosh

Rapidly turn your database or spreadsheet into a perfectly-formatted publication


Imagine how much time this will save you!

CatBase runs on Mac OSX and Windows 2000 or better. There are single-user and multi-user versions; the multi-user version supports mixed networks.

CatBase is a database publishing application which automates the process of formatting data ready for publication. Working with your chosen publishing destination (QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, HTML documents, XML files, etc.), CatBase adds special tags to automatically format the information and (most publishing destinations) pictures for you.

CatBase is the perfect partner for Adobe InDesign

Rest assured that everything is formatted consistently

Instead of spending hours or even DAYS manually formatting your data, CatBase will do it all automatically in minutes!

Why spend hours ... days ... or even WEEKS creating your catalogue, directory, or price list? Let CatBase do it for you in MINUTES!

Data can also be published to other databases, such as MySql, SqlServer, etc. (Data Chameleon edition).