CatBase Version History - Version 7.3
VersionDateBug FixesNew FeaturesModified/Improved Features
7.3r70March 16, 2017
  1. Memos: Were not always being deleted when their parent record was.
  1. Hyperlinks and Cross-References: Now an Element can  have both a Hyperlink and a Cross-Reference applied.
  1. Audit Trail: Added a "revert" function.
  2. Tables - Persistent column width: When publishing data into tables, there is now a Persistent option fpr the Column Width. When this is selected, that width will always apply to the column, even if the Element is empty.
7.3r47Oct 20, 2016
  1. Time fields: Did not display correctly on data entry forms.
  2. Label Editor: This was not working correctly. Fixed.
  3. Number formatting for European systems: When running on an OS which uses commas instead of dots for the decimal separator (eg most European systems), the number formatting options did not work correctly. Fixed.
  4. Importing from Excel - Time data: Cells formatted as Time did not import into CatBase correctly. Fixed.

7.3r40Sept. 20, 2016
  1. Publish button - Publish by Main Category option: When you click on the Publish button in the list view, you will now have the option to publish the selected records by Main Category. This means that any Category-specific options, which would normally only be honoured when publishing all records in a category, will be included.
  2. Rules - Parent Table Field option: Added "The parent table field" option. This only appears for related data. You can set up rules like "If the parent table field 'advertiser type' = 'paid' then include their product list"
  1. Search & Replace - Mixed Case: Now a hyphen or a comma will trigger the next character to be uppercased. For example, jones-smythe will become Jones-Smythe.

  1. Import Style - Encoding: The default Character Encoding for imported data has been set to Unicode.
7.3r27Jun 08, 2016
  1. EPS Images: In some cases the image size for EPS format was not calculated correctly when publishing the images. Fixed.
  2. Sorting Memos: Sorting Memos in the Current Memos palette did not work correctly - after sorting, the wrong Memo might be opened when you double-click it. Fixed.
  3. Memos - Save Window Position: The Save Window Position feature did not work for the Current Memos palette. Fixed. Note - the window settings are user-specific.
  1. Special Characters: Added the new Special Characters palette. This makes it easy for you to define special characters (such as mathematical symbols, accented characters, etc.) and insert them into your data. Choose Open Special Characters Palette from the File menu.
  2. Choosing Sets for Publishing Project Steps: Now you can select a Set of records to publish in a Publishing Project Step.

May 07, 2016
  1. Changing a Category name: If you had multiple Database Projects in your database, changing a Category Name in one project could cause a problem with the category names in a different project.
  1. Cross-References: Added a new Hyperlink option to create cross-references. You select the "anchor" - for example, the Product Code field - and then choose a field that contains the cross-reference link. For more info about this feature, please see the Cross-References Tutorial.

7.3r14April 10 2016
  1. Publishing Rules - Main Category option: Added "It's a main category" option to Publishing Rules. You can set up a Rule like "If it's the main category, set the product name in a different style" for example.
  2. Import Styles: Now keeps track of the date on which the Import Style last ran, and the name of the file that was imported.

March 10, 2016
  1. Duplicate a Database Project: This feature did not work. Now it does.
  2. Right indent tab: This Punctuation option did not work properly when publishing to InDesign. Fixed.
  1. "Search in this column": Now you can right-click/Ctrl-click in a column header on a list view and choose "Search in this column" to do a quick search within that specific field.
  2. End Nested Style: We've added this option to the Punctuation choices in Elements. This works with InDesign. For info about Nested Styles, please see this Adobe support page.
  3. Subscripts and Superscripts: (InDesign) If you want to create subscripted/superscripted characters, you can surround them with special tags and they will be converted to perfect typographical super/subscripts when the data is published in InDesign. For subscripts, put your text between a pair of "<->" tags - eg: <->2<->. For superscripts, the tag is <+>.
  4. Discretionary hyphen: You can enter the special code \h to create a discretionary hyphen (works with InDesign).
  5. Italic and Bold tags: If you want to set some words in italics or bold, you can surround the text with a pair of or tags - eg <i>italic text<i> or <b>bold text<b>. Then when the data is published to InDesign, these tags will be converted to Character Styles named "italic" and "bold". (For use with InDesign)
  1. XML Import: This feature has been improved. It now works more efficiently and a few minor bugs were fixed.
February 4, 2016
  1. Form Design Wizard: Drag & Drop of fields and other objects in the Form Design Wizard didn't always work.

January 20, 2016
  1. Barcodes: Some bar codes did not publish correctly. This has been fixed.
  2. Importing and updating: Under certain conditions, a data import which was set to update existing data did not work correctly. This only happened when both a Primary and Secondary key had been specified. Fixed.

  1. Publishing with Microsoft Word: We've improved the way CatBase works with Word. See this video for more info!
November 15, 2015
  1. Selecting “Show all records in the selected Categories” from the Category List: This was broken - it would display ALL the records in the related table. Fixed.

October 6th, 2015
  1. Text boxes: When setting up a Text Box for a Paragraph Stylesheet, if you pressed the Enter key the box would be hidden and could not be shown again without restarting the program. We have fixed this and added a Save button to make this dialog easier to use.
  1. Publishing Projects: Now you can manage your entire Project from within a Publishing Project. You can create new Sets and new Publishing Stylesheets from within the Project.
  1. We've improved the way the Help system works. Now you can right-click on the Help button and get context-sensitive help for the page you're on.
  2. The background colour has been changed from dull grey to a more cheerful light blue.
September 24 2015
  1. Publishing a picture using a Rule: If you created a Publishing Rule whose outcome was to publish a picture, this did not work correctly.
  2. Number Formats: If you changed the number of decimal places in the Number Formats dialogue to 0, it would revert to 2.
  1. Barcodes!!!! Now you can publish your data as barcodes! Many different bar code formats are supported. See this video for more info.​ 
  2. Number Format – always round up: Added an option to always round up to the next whole number in the Number Formats option in Elements.

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