What does it cost?

It's £1 per minute, with a 15-minute minimum. We will invoice you at the end of the session. Invoices are due for immediate payment.

CatBase Personal Training

How do I book a training session?

Easy-peasy ... just complete the form below. Please note that we are based in the UK! Training session slots are available between 9AM and 8PM Monday-Friday and 1PM-6PM on Saturdays, UK time, which is:

  • US East Coast time + 5
  • US West Coast time + 8
  • Australia - Sydney time - 10
  • Australia - Perth time - 8
  1. Use the form below to request a training session. Enter two preferred dates/times. Attach any appropriate materials (such as a PDF or a copy of your database if you need help setting something up). PLEASE ZIP ALL FILES PRIOR TO UPLOADING THEM!
  2. We will email you a confirmation and a link to log in to a special web page at the appointed time.
  3. Prepare your list of questions.
  4. At the agreed time, you log in to the web page.
  5. You will be able to talk to your Personal Trainer and see exactly what is happening on their screen.
  6. Your Personal Trainer will answer your questions and show you exactly how to achieve what you want.

Personal Training is LIVE, customised, online training on using CatBase or any aspect of your publishing project. We can either demonstrate and explain features to you on our screens or we can log in to your computer and help you with your own setup.

​Here's how it works: