We've created some examples to show you how you could produce various types of publication using CatBase.

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Learn how to use CatBase! We've created lots of Tutorials - many with videos included - to show you how to use CatBase and explain the program's features.

Publishing your data

For InDesign

Getting Started

workflow examples

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tips & tricks

InDesign is a terrific page layout program that integrates perfectly with CatBase. We've put together a collection of tips to help you make your publications the best they can be.

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Working with your data

  • Finding and Editing data

  • Create Sets to define and maintain groups of data
  • Entering and publishing related data
  • Creating Quick Reports
  • Send emails to contacts in your database, and receive emails sent to a designated email address.
  • Use the Event Scheduler to perform tasks at specified time intervals
  • Run scripts to perform special processing on your data when records are imported, modified, or saved.
  • Create Memos to set remiinders for yourself
  • Maintain an audit trail - a log of all changes that are made to your data.