"The program allows us to save a great deal of valuable time by automatically importing images, style sheets and formatting. This allows us to be more competitive in the marketplace and therefore more successful in our business "

– Antiques Trade Gazette

The Quick and Easy Way to Publish a Directory!

With CatBase Directory Publisher you can quickly produce all kinds of directories such as White and Yellow Page-style phone books and club and association membership directories. You can publish your directories in any number of different styles, and you can also use the database to keep in touch with the people or companies listed in your directory via emails and letters.

Here are examples of the kinds of directories you can build with CatBase Directory Publisher (click on an image to see more information) ...

Membership Directories

membership directory by category membership directory by county

"Yellow Pages" Phone Directories

"White Pages" Phone Directories

yellow pages phone directory White Pages Telephone Directory

These are just a few ideas - your directory can be published in any style.

Why use CatBase Directory Publisher to publish your directory?

CatBase does all the tedious, time-consuming, error-prone work for you.

Why spend hours or days creating your directory manually? Let CatBase Directory Publisher do it all for you in minutes!


Take a look at some brief movies that show you how easy it is ...

publishing a membership directory movie Publishing a membership directory

publishing a white pages telephone directory videoPublishing a White Pages telephone directory

publishing a yellow pages telephone directory video Publishing a Yellow Pages telephone directory


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